Triangl: The Swimwear Line That’s Running

Summer 2015

Caroline Triangl

Check out the designer that’s making waves in swimwear

Triangl Swimwear has exploded in popularity this summer.  Their bikinis have been seen everywhere and I’m not sure what I love more about the brand, the color-blocked designs or the amazing fit.

There is an extensive amount of colors and cuts to choose from. The price per suit ranges from $79-99 for a set of top and bottoms. That may seem pricey, but the price point is definitely fair for the quality you’re getting!

Their suits are made out of neoprene, better know as the material used in wetsuits.It  is more durable and lasts longer than other swimsuit materials. Plus, I don’t think I’ve tried on a more comfortable bikini, ever.

Triangl is also killing the Instagram game with 2.7 million followers. Celebrities  such as Lucy Hale and beach babes everywhere have adopted the suits as a staple to their summer style.Large companies like Victoria’s Secret have noticed the popularity of the line, (even controversially  debuted their own spin on the designs in their Summer 2015 Swim Collection).  Triangle is definitely making a splash and doing it right in the swimwear industry.

Pick up a suit before summer is over, I promise you won’t regret it!


Special thanks to my beautiful model, my sister Caroline! Follow her on Instagram here.

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