Why Your Best Friend Is The Perfect Gym Buddy

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Friends Who Work out Together, Stay Strong Together

Recently, my best friend Ellen and I had a fitness consultation with a personal trainer for help with our post-college fitness goals. While we had always been pretty active, we wanted to take it to the next level and make it an official lifestyle change. We made a pact to go to the gym together at least 5x a week and while it has been challenging, the rewards outdo the sacrifices. Here’s what I found out while making my bestie, my gym buddy.

You’ll Motivate Each Other

It’s very hard to bail on the gym when you make it a set workout date with your friend. Once you start making it a pattern, you’ll get excited to go. When one of us finds a strength  or cardio workout that we really like, we’ll show the other. It’s like having your own personal trainer for free. I don’t think either of us would make our Friday morning, 7 a.m. (before work) cardio sessions if it wasn’t for the promise the other would show up. Once you keep going for a couple weeks, it just becomes part of your daily routine. You won’t even think about canceling.

You’ll Challenge Each Other

Like any physical activity, working out brings out a competitive side. If you see your friend lifting heavier weights or doing more reps than you, you’re going to want to be on the same level. If your friend reaches their goals, you’ll want to work harder to reach yours. A little competitive edge is another great motivational tool. However, we don’t want the ugly green- eyed monster of jealousy to come out. So if you see your friend is reaching her goals faster than you, don’t immediately try and shove a piece of chocolate cake down her throat in a jealous rage. Everyone’s body is different.  Vice versa, if you see faster results than your friend don’t brag. Push each other, maybe you can do better lunges compared to your friends insane amount of situp reps.The thing to remember is that you’re both working toward the same goal. Don’t get jealous, support each other instead!

You’ll Support Each Other

Continuing on from my last point. Supporting one another in general is part of what makes a strong friendship. This applies to gym buddies as well! I want Ellen to reach her goals just as much as I want to reach my own. We are very open about what we want to work on and the results we want to see. This way we are able to help each other attain them. If she’s having a tough day, I’ll kick her butt through the workout. If I’m the one who’s having a bad day, she’ll do the same for me.  We help each other work our frustrations out, literally. It all balances out.

You’ll Have Fun Doing It

One sure thing about working out with your best friend, you’re guaranteed to have fun while doing it. It’s basically like a regular hangout, except you’re profusely sweating on the treadmill. Time flies when you work out with a friend and we tend to workout longer together than we ever did alone. It’s hard to keep track of time between all of the weekend stories and random chats about life. We like to reward ourselves weekly with happy hour martinis or guacamole on Friday. Celebrating your accomplishments is another way to make working out fun while solidifying it as part of your new lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your bff, head to the gym and get started!

Post your own tips and comments about working out with a friend below.

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