The Real Girl’s Guide To Berry Colored Lips


Your How To Guide guide For Juicy Lips

Intimidated by the  bold lips you see on celebrities or the runway? Don’t  feel like you always have to play it safe with comfortable colors.  Step out of your comfort zone and check out my tips to a berry perfect pout for everyday style. *pun intended*

Berry colored lips add a certain sex appeal while still being classy.  So how do you pull off this vampy trend without looking like an actual vampire?

Find a Shade That Compliments Your Skin Tone and Hair Color

Strawberry and Raspberry and Blackberry, Oh my! There are so many different shades in the berry color palette to choose from, but it’s important to find the one that works best for you. This all depends on your skin tone and hair color. For example what looks good for a fair blonde, might wash out a tan brunette.

Fair Skin:  While any shade of berry looks good on fair skin, darker hues would provide a more dramatic look. For everyday lips, I would recommend a sheer lipstick or gloss in red shades with blue and pink undertones. Think of the sweet colors your lips turn after taking bites of a strawberry or raspberry.

Medium/ Tan Skin: For this skin type its all about the undertone. For cool complexions try berry lipsticks and glosses with magenta, purples and pink undertones( It’ll make your teeth appear whiter as an added bonus). For warmer complexions go for shades of reds, corals and burgundy. **Fun tip, try shades that remind you of your favorite wine!**

Dark Skin:  Dark reds and colors with brown undertones compliment darker skin colors. Feel free to use matte lipsticks, because this complexion can handle more thick and rich tones. Look to  Scandal’s Kerry Washington for inspiration because her lips are always on point.

Don’t Overdo It
One of the most broken makeup laws is having too much going on. In my younger years I definitely should have been fined a few times, but fortunately I’ve grown to learn you can’t pair a bold lip with a smoky eye. You want your makeup to pop, not poke someones eye out. While I’m not saying to shy away from eyeshadow all together, with this look just make it seem natural. The purpose of a bolder lip is for the attention to be drawn to your beautiful berry lips.
Own it
Makeup, like fashion,  is a way to express your personality. Berry lips can be like an accessory, adding fun and personality to your style.  If you want to embrace a color or trend, be confident and own it. You live once, so why not try new things and see what works for you! You might just find something you love 🙂
Below, I’ve added one of my sets from Polyvore to show some of my favorite berry shades and brands. Try some of them out! Let me know what you think of The Real Girl’s Guide to Berry Colored Lips in the comments below.
Berry Beautiful Lips


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Stila lips makeup
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  1. Steffii
    February 4, 2016 / 2:57 am

    Thanks for the tips. I usually steer more towards corals and soft colours, havent been too bold with lipstick choices yet, but will venture out eventually lol

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