The Best Kept Beauty Industry Secret

Best Dry Shampoos
For Runway Ready Hair Even Candace Swanepoel Would Be Jealous Of.
Dry shampoo is the beauty industry’s secret weapon. It makes second day hair look like you just stepped out of the salon. Dry shampoo soaks up oil from the hair and give it a volume kick.  Since my hair is thin, it gets greasy after one day, so I would have to wash my hair every day, which is awful for your hair. Ever since I’ve discovered dry shampoo I’ve been able to get at least two days out of each wash.  What I typically do is wear my hair straight the first day when I wash my hair and then spray dry shampoo on the second day and curl. The dry shampoo perks up my roots, creating volume and and texture which makes the curls hold longer.
Here’s How to Style Your Hair with Dry Shampoo. 
 Separate your hair into 2 inch sections and hold the bottle 10-12 inches away from your roots and lightly spray.
 Don’t be alarmed if you see any excess white powder residue on your roots. All you need to do is blend it into your hair with your fingers. This will also give your roots a lift and add volume and texture.
Lightly brush your hair with a soft bristle brush, and style how you wish.
There you go! This beauty insider secret is so simple, cost effective and a great low maintenance trick to make you look like you just hit the salon, even if you only just rolled out of bed.
Below I’ve listed some of the best dry shampoos on the market. Let me know your best kept beauty secrets in the comments below!

Philip Kingsley powder shampoo
$9.94 –

Living proof haircare

Moroccanoil powder shampoo

Batiste powder shampoo


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