Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner and I’ve put together a collection of gift ideas for every person on your list . You can rest easy knowing that whatever their style, you’ve got options to hit it out of the park this year! Keep reading for my holiday gift guide 2015.

Girl Boss


#GirlBoss Gift Guide


For the business savvy friend. Whether they’ve got a kickass job or are trying to start their own business, this girl boss is always on the go. These gifts will help her stay organized, inspired, caffeinated and ready for anything her busy work schedule throws her way.

Beauty Queen
 For the friend with ever-changing hair and makeup that’s always on point. The beauty queen knows how to contour like a pro and always shows up to happy hour with a fresh blowout. Help her keep up with all things beauty with these gifts.

Gift Guide: Fashionisa

 For the fashionista who always looks her best, even if it’s just a for a trip to the grocery store. This girl’s Instagram feed is full of OOTD posts that leave you envious, but with tons of outfit inspiration. Help her keep up with the latest trends, with the items above.
Home Decor Diva
Gift Guide: Home Decor Diva
 For the girl whose home looks like it should be in the pages of a magazine. She’s got an eye for interior design and makes being a homebody seem pretty cool. Help keep her home beautiful and stylish with the items.
 Fitness Fanatic
Gift Guide Fitness Babe


For the girl who you can always find getting her fitness on. This girl makes exercise as a part of her daily routine. Whether its a long cardio session at the gym, a pilates class, hitting the weights or hiking in the fresh air, she makes fitness a priority. Help her look her best, while breaking a sweat with these items.
 Guy Code
Gift Guide for Your Guy
For your brother, dad, significant other, coworker…basically every guy on the planet..  will love There is this big common misconception that guys are hard to shop for. Most girls stress about what to get men for Christmas.  I’ve created a list of items to score points with any man in your life.
Thank you for reading my holiday gift guide! Tell me your favorite items and gift ideas below!

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