Best Bronzers for Summer

Fake, Don’t Bake with My Favorite Summer Bronzers

The Bronze and Beautiful


When the weather begins to warm up, everyone starts to freak out about being pale. Instead of heading to the tanning salon, get a bronzer instead! Investing in a great bronzer in place of a tanning packing is better for your body and your wallet.

There’s nothing like trying a bronzer for the first time and finding out it makes you that god awful orange shade. I’ve tested dozens of bronzers and have found my favorites to give me that bronze glow. I’d rather look like a bronze goddess than an oompa loompa, wouldn’t you?.

If you’re someone who likes to be tan all year round, it’s time to switch from cool tones to bronzers with a little more warmth.

Check out my bronzer picks below! Trust me, your skin will thank you.


Get this Look:
In the picture below I am wearing Hoola by Benefit Cosmetics.
1) With a blush brush add bronzer around your hairline, temples and under your chin.
2) Next,  grab a contour brush and sweep the product in the hollows of your cheeks. Start at the edge of your face close to your ears and move the product inward to add dimension and chisel those cheek bones.
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