Welcome to New York

New School, New Gig and Moving to The Big City

It’s good to be back! I know you’re probably wondering where I’ve been! Let me tell you these past few months have been nothing short of a whirlwind. I’ll bring it back to the time of my last post in mid-August and catch you up from there!

Shortly after returning from vacation in the Outer Banks, I started graduate school at LIM College where I am pursing a Masters Degree in Fashion Marketing.  This year long intensive program is based in New York City. I’m about 2 months into  my program and it has been the best decision I have ever made. It’s so great learning how to apply my professional skills in the industry I want to be in, fashion!

When my first apartment fell through I had to commute to New York from Connecticut 4 hours a day for a whole month! It’s safe to say I’ve learned every short cut and seen every passage way in Grand Central Terminal. Since my classes are from 6:30-9PM  Monday-Thursday, I wouldn’t get home until after 11 PM on most nights. This was exhausting. Luckily, a few weeks ago a family friend had a room in her apartment open up in Astoria and I pounced on it!

Another exiting thing I have going on right now is my internship! LIM encourages their graduate students to participate in internships to build our resumes. This semester I have been given the amazing opportunity as the Beauty Intern at Hearst Magazines working with both Redbook and Woman’s Day Magazine. I intern two full days a week in the beauty closet, working closely with the beauty editorial team. I’m loving working for a magazine and it has been a great experience so far.

Now that I have had time to settle into my apartment, school and internship I will be posting more regularly to From Beginning To Trend! You can look forward to posts about what I’m learning at school, my internship and about New York! I’ve been planning some really cool content over this break and I can’t wait to show you guys!

If you have any specific topics you want me to write about leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading !

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