3 Tips For Buying An Investment Bag

Designer handbags are the ultimate investment piece, and worth the hefty price tag when purchased correctly. A classic bag can withstand the test of trends and time, while also increasing in value as the years go on. Depending on the brand, style and age of the bag, you can expect to rake in an larger resale price than the original purchase. Usually, our clothing decreases in value over time, however with luxury handbags,  you can expect to make a pretty penny off of them if you ever decide you want to sell. You can either take that money straight to the bank…or get another bag.


Another prominent plus of owning a designer handbag is the awe-inspiring looks you’ll get when you bring it to brunch or the office. There’s an empowering feeling about owning something that shows just how hard you work. Girl bosses deserve Gucci, and that’s a fact. Keep reading for our tips for buying an investment bag, and recommendations for bags to consider!


Avoid Collaborations
While it may seem like a good idea at the time, try to avoid all designer collaborations when deciding which handbag you want. Stay away from any distinguishable features that make it easy to identify the time of purchase. Unless you can afford to get the new “it” bag every season, you shouldn’t waste your hard earned money on trendy partnership pieces. Take the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection. While the streetwear inspired pieces were cool, it’s highly doubtful people will be wearing them in 5 years. If you buy a highly recognizable item like this, people will be able to tell exactly how old it is.


Stick With Neutrals
While the hot pink crystallized Gucci bag may seem like a a good idea at the time, it definitely won’t match with the majority of things in your closet. When picking out a color for your bag stick to neutrals such as creme, tan, brown and black. These shades are very closet friendly and will match with just about every outfit. The point of owning a luxury bag is to wear it as much as possible, so you get your money’s worth.


Make Sure Your Finances Are In Order
Owning a luxury handbag is just that…a luxury! Designer handbags are traditionally very expensive. There’s a reason they call them investment bags after all. With that being said, you want to make sure you are in right state financially to make this big of a purchase. If you’re considering spending your rent money on an accessory… the decision is painfully obvious.  Make a plan and set aside a reasonable amount from your paycheck each week. By the time you have enough, you won’t feel strapped for cash. Also, consider shopping on luxury second hand sites such as The Real Real, where you might be able to save a little money by getting the designer item you’ve been eyeing at a reduced price.


We hope these tips have helped give you a little more insight on how to go about purchasing your first investment bag! Buying  a designer handbag is a personal decision, and when it come’s down to it,  it’s truly your own taste that matters. Shop our favorite investment bags below and don’t forget to leave a comment !
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